Lotus “Everywhere” Crib

I’m super excited to have received the Lotus travel crib by Guava Family today!  I have been eyeing this bad boy for months now.  It may seem a bit ridiculous to be so excited about a travel crib but not all travel cribs are created equally.

As a family that likes to be on the move, this crib offers the most potential for actually being “travel friendly”.  Unfortunately, it won’t be able to be strapped to the bike trailer for any bikepacking adventures but it will be going with us most other places.

My search for the best travel crib began while I was pregnant and was gifted a Pack n Play.  One day I decided to set it up to see what it was all about.  After about 30 minutes of war, the Pack n Play won and I walked away in defeat.  I left the darn thing on the floor in the middle of the livingroom for a couple of days because I couldn’t get it to fold back down.  Travel crib?!  I think not.

I saw that REI carried this Go Crib also by Guava Family.  It fit into this tiny little backpack and was inflatable. When I went to buy one, they were discontinued.  I am not quite sure the reason because all the reviews were great and I didn’t see any recalls.  I suspect it was because Guava Family came out with the Lotus.

One might think that the Lotus crib is just like its lightweight counterparts: Phil & Ted’s and Baby Bjorn.  But there are some pretty significant differences in my opinion.  First and foremost, being a safety freak I wasn’t cool with the other cribs not having breathable mesh extending all the way down to the mattress.  If we are to be concerned about bumpers in cribs then why not nylon material head high around the sides of a travel crib?

Also neither of the other cribs packs down as small as the Lotus.  The Lotus can be worn as a backpack and is small enough to be taken on the plane as a carry on.  It also has a side entrance that unzips and securely latches closed.  I think this will be nice for Sage when he can crawl in and out.  This door feature might be convenient for parents lie beside babies to soothe them to sleep or lay down and nurse.

I was a bit skeptical of whether or not this crib would be as easy as the video on their website promoted it as.  I find that most things come out of boxes fine but putting them back in is always a challenge.

To my surprise this crib was both easy to set up and break down!  I won’t think twice about taking it with me traveling.  I actually set it up 3 different times just because I was so amazed at how easy it was.  I will keep you posted as to how it wears and tears.  I am feeling very optimistic!

If you have any experiences with travel cribs that you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section below!





4 Responses to “Lotus “Everywhere” Crib”

  1. While Out Riding

    Great review.

    I agree, those bumbers can be a real problem. I’m glad to see this crib addresses them. I’ve heard a lot of people deny bumbers even exist.

  2. sandra

    How has the wear and tear been? I just ordered this last night and am curious to see how it will hold up.

    • nancycrowell

      So far so good. The only complaint I have about it is the sheet is a bit of a pain to put on. I got the extra thick one, so maybe the standard sheet is easier…but that’s probably what takes the longest to do is put the sheet on. I’m always amazed how easily it folds up and goes back into the carrier. I have a one year old who’s always pulling down on it, and it appears to be very stable. For a travel crib…I give two thumbs up and would def. buy again!


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