Best Infant/Child Water Bottle!

I know that an infant’s need for water is debatable but here in the hot high desert I think it’s a good thing.

I have been on the lookout for the perfect water bottle for Sage for awhile now.  I had wanted to get him a Klean Kanteen with the sippy cup top but remembered from my nannying days that the nipple was hard plastic and challenging to drink from…especially if a baby is just learning.

I ended up buying a Tommee Tippee cup designed for transitioning from bottle to cup.  Although it is BPA free, I still wasn’t stoked on the fact it was plastic.

Today while visiting my friend Jennie at PLAY kids store in Santa Fe, she showed me the Pura Kiki stainless steel bottle.  It is AMAZING.  It transitions your child from baby until older child.  It fits 9 different bottle nipples.  It has it’s own silicon transition nipple.  It can also be used as an adult water bottle or food container.

Pura Kiki plastic free system

Pura Kiki plastic free system

This bottle contains no plastic, latex, or BPA and is made of 60 % recycled material and is 100 % recyclable.  This product gets two thumbs up for low impact.  Especially since you could use it as your child grows!

I’ve included it in my online store for those who are interested.  However, shop local if possible! xo

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