I LOVE Neck Gators!

Repurposed sweater made into neck gator found on Etsy.com

With the weather beginning to cool off here in Santa Fe, I am ecstatic.  I love fall here!  The smell of roasted green chillies.  Sunny blue skies and cool nights.  Yummy.  My favorite fall and winter accessory for on and off the bike is the neck gator.  I used to think that they were super dorky.  But now there are ones available even for the fashionista.  What’s great about neck gators is that they protect the nape of the neck.  In Chinese medicine, we believe that is where external pathogens invade the body.  What the heck does that mean?!  Basically, what that means is by protecting the back of the neck from wind and cold you are also protecting yourself from getting a cold.  Plus, I found while riding my bike that just adding a neck gator vs an entire upper layer kept me warm but didn’t make me overheat.  A scarf can work as well but doesn’t stay on as well in my experience.  So I think neck gators are the way to go!

Repurposed sweater made into neck gator found on Etsy.com

No hat…no problem…Neck gator!!!

Little bulky action…

Or you could always opt for the always practical Buff!!!

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