Anti-messenger bags

The Sanction by Mission Workshop $179

So I currently have a messenger bag.  It’s a Timbuktu  black, hemp, waterproof, has cool handmade patch bought from a gutter punk in OlyWA on it.  When I show up to my local scenester coffee shop- BetterDay- in Santa Fe, I totally fit in.  But today I decided that I hate it.  Though I might look cool cruising around with this bag, it is far from practical.  If I put anything more than a few pieces of paper, I am constantly fighting with it.  It doesn’t matter how snug I put it to my back.  It will some how manage to swing either under my arm pit or practically to the front.  I found that annoying before….but now that I am pregnant…it is actually bordering dangerous.  Baby bump, bike, bag…all struggling with each other…no bueno.  I really want to get a backpack.  So I’m adding that to my wishlist of “needed” items.  Here are a couple I’ve had my eye on.

2 Responses to “Anti-messenger bags”

  1. Olive

    I stopped using my messenger bags too! Found that if I had too much heavy stuff in there it was sitting lopsided and putting too much pressure around my shoulder / neck area and upper back.. Since I have back problems it wasn’t ideal. I ended up buying a Timbuk2 backpack to fit my 17 in laptop bag… couldn’t be happier. It balances the weight perfectly and even though I am hard on my things it’s barely shown any wear or tear.. I bought a purple, magenta and pink backpack but they have since discontinued that exact model.. they have other great looking backpacks on their site too, and you can do a search by color on the left… just to plug:)

    • nancycrowell

      Thanks!! I really like how you can choose the color combos for those bags!

      Cass gave me the Mission Workshop pack in grey that I have an image of there this month for my bday! It’s soooo much better than a messenger bag 😉


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